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JSCA to hold virtual seminar to launch the study “The practice of law in Latin America: In search of an agenda.”

The activity will be broadcast via JSCA’s YouTube Channel. The virtual seminar “The practice of law in Latin America: In search of an agenda” will be held next Tuesday, March 2, 2021. The presentation will focus on the results of the research that the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) conducted in five countries in the region during 2020. The event is directed at…

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JSCA Co-organizes Certificate Program on Technological Innovation and Judicial Management

PRESS/JSCA Universidad Champagnat de Argentina and the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA), JUFEJUS, REFLEJAR, IFITEJ, INECIP, INECO, INFOLAB, FAM, the National Judicial Offices Institute, Thomson Reuters, and WOLAP have launched the Certificate Program on Technological Innovation and Judicial Management. The goal of the certificate program is to provide specialized training regarding the values, skills, and abilities necessary to transform justice administration and to…

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OCCA presented its fourth thematic report, which focuses on conflict in the healthcare sector in Latin America.

In the context of the project “Improving Access to Civil Justice in Latin America” with the support of Global Affairs Canada (GAC)  The Observatory on Civil Conflict and Access to Justice (OCCA) -created by the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA)– presented the results of its fourth thematic report, “Civil conflict and barriers to access to justice in Latin America.” The report was developed…

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Interview with Leonel González: “When the people participate in a trial as members of the jury, their negative perception of justice changes.”

In a conversation with Chaco TV Digital, JSCA’s Training Director noted the impact that the passage of the province’s law allowing trial by jury in civil matters will have on Argentina and Latin America. The passage of the law allowing trial by jury for civil matters  in Argentina’s El Chaco province beginning this year* has generated a great deal of interest due to its impact…

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[New publication] The Practice of Law in Latin America: In Search of an Agenda Vol. 1 (Spanish-language publication)

One of the study’s objectives is to offer an overview of training and oversight of the practice of law in order to identify the main critiques that have been offered in Latin America and the Caribbean. In an effort to explore the most important aspects of the practice of law, the Justice Studies Center of the Americas has published the report “The Practice of Law…

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