On Radio Usach, Universidad de Santiago de Chile’s radio station, Marco Fandiño stated that the study recommends creating a special prosecutor’s office on human rights along with technical support from the IACHR.*

*This text was drafted by journalist Rodrigo Alcaíno Padilla after the Radio Usach program aired on Friday, December 18, 2020.

“Only 1% of the eight thousand complaints have led to charges being brought against agents. In other words, these investigations are being conducted slowly due to all types of causes and factors.”

Marco Fandiño, the Director of Research and Projects at the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA), shared this information along with other reflections on a report that outlines the failure to meet international legal standards in investigations of human rights violations during the social protests that took place in Chile.

According to Fandiño, “A series of obstacles to police investigations have been identified. In many cases, they are standing in the way of efforts to move as quickly as required and secure results in regard to convicting agents.”

“We know that the public prosecutor’s office is a young institution that was not designed to adequately respond to a human rights crisis of this magnitude. We propose creating a special prosecutor’s office for human rights,” he added.

He also explained that the report proposes asking the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to support the creation of an inter-disciplinary group of independent experts to provide technical support with an external perspective and without binding agreements or obstruction.

Listen to the full interview here:


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